Plant Based

wholesome, nourishing organic food

Local Vegetables

local food where possible

She Chocolate

Crafted lovely added extras to your healthy organic diet

Making Local Organics Affordable

The Nelson Organic Co-op specialises in sourcing affordable organics for the community.

We focus on local food where possible and offer wholesome, in-season, organic food which nourishes and satisfies.​

We also have a wide range of products available in bulk and encourage our members to bring their own bags or bottles to refill at the co-op. Buying in bulk enables us to pass on cost savings to you, and reduces waste entering our natural environment.​

As well as a wide range of organic produce and kitchen staples; crafted cheeses, chocolates and fermented food are available - providing for those lovely added extras to your healthy organic diet.​

Organic seeds can also be found at the co-op, and we have a number of products to make your ecological footprint much smaller - like shampoo and conditioner bars, toothpaste powders, and a wide range of loose leaf tea.

Our refillable household cleaning products, from dishwash liquid to handwash are very popular.​

"I can't remember the last time I went to the supermarket. The Co-op has all I need to keep me happy and healthy."

Body Care
Fruit & Vegetables
Shampoo Bars
Organic Fairtrade Chocolate
Hemp Products
Jams & Chutney
Refill Soap
She Chocolate
True Leaf Microcreens
Tonzu Products
Tasman Bay Vegetables

237 Haven Road in Nelson


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Nelson Organic Co-op

Vibrant part of sustaining Nelson's organic future. Our model of co-operative ownership will provide inspiration for others. Ecologically sound, Fair, Inclusive, Ethical, Be the change.

Nelson Organic Co-operative
237 Haven Road in Nelson