The Nelson Organic Co-op is passionate about promoting organics.

We keep prices as low as we can - we are not a profit making venture. Our aim is to make good, healthy organics available to all. We co-operate as a different way of doing business, building community, and supporting local and regional organics.

Organic Week NZ

Organic Week is in September, but before then, nominations are open (until 15th July) for various awards - from Organic Farmer of the Year to Organic Food Product of the Year - and more! 

Go to and make your nomination.  

The Organic Co-op will take part in Organic Week 2021 during September!  

Organic products we stock - part 3

Know Your Sugars!

A question was asked at the Co-op last week - do we have brown sugar?
The answer is, "no".
Brown sugar has been highly processed like white sugar, and then has molasses added back to it.

The sugars we stock are:

Golden Cane sugar: made from sugar cane and contains fibres and around 2% of molasses that gives it that golden colour.
Rapadura sugar: is made from the juice of the sugar cane in a traditional process of boiling it until it thickens - using no added chemicals.
Coconut sugar: made from coconut palm sap and placed under heat until most of the fluid evaporates.
We also have sugar alternatives like molasses, maple syrup, and NZ grown apple syrup. Of course, any sugars should be used sparingly.

Organic products we stock - part 2

Local Todd Valley avocados

Recently we have started sourcing our avocados from a local grower - and you may have noticed a huge improvement in the quality.
They are grown in Todds Valley, just north of Nelson. Although not certified organic, they are grown on a wonderful bush covered hillside amidst native plants. They are picked at 18 months. This makes a huge difference as many growers pick them at 9 months and then try to artificially ripen them. By leaving them for 18 months, the avocado grows to full maturity. Once picked they then slowly ripen and keep incredibly well.
The difference between these and earlier picked avocados is that the ones picked at 9 months are still growing and can be stringy. When they ripen they can quickly turn black as a result of ripening when they are too young.
We urge you to try our avocados - they do sell out quickly, but we get them in very regularly. By strengthening this relationship with the grower, we hope to have better quality avocados available more frequently.

Organic products we stock - part 1

Oats, oats, and oats
We have three types of rolled oats at the co-op. If you don't already know - we have wholegrain rolled oats, fine rolled oats, and unsteamed rolled oats. The unsteamed oats are grown in the South Island, so make a good choice if you want to buy local. Check them out next time you're in.

Bostock Chicken & Organic Farms Beef & Lamb
We stock a range of chicken, beef and lamb. You'll find the selection in the little freezer in the storage end of the big container.

Organic Bread
PureBread is the only organic bread supplier, and we order from them once a week. You can place a regular order. Options include: Big Mumma Oats, Big Daddy Oats, Full'o'Grain, and Vegan Grain - all organic and fermented. There is also Young Buck for the gluten free amongst you.

Bodycare Products - Zeja and Arohanui
These locally produced skincare ranges are our choice of the best! We can place an order for the items you would like to buy.

Looking for that perfect gift?
If you want something special to share with someone special - then consider a useful organic, sustainable gift from the Co-op. Some of the goodies members buy for gifts are our range of chocolates, bodycare products (like soaps and Ecofloss!) and sprouting seeds.

How to make your kitchen more organic - part 1

Make your kitchen more organic, more affordable, less packaged, keep everything to hand - all available at the Nelson Organic Co-op.

Pantry Planning

The Nelson Organic Co-op stocks a huge variety of herbs and spices in bulk. The price difference between the Co-op and those over-packaged supermarket products is substantial!
Staples are rosemary, thyme, coriander, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, chilli, paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves. No doubt you'll have yours too!
Make a list of all the spices and herbs you want in your kitchen ... then pop on down to the co-op and top up your own jars. 

Make a list of all the staples that you keep in the pantry.  Over time, plan to top them up using the Co-op collective buying system.  Its super easy! 
Think of items you use regularly, like flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit - and all those things that make organic cooking easier, like yeast flakes and honey.  

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