The Nelson Organic Co-op comprises over 140 families from Nelson and the surrounding areas who believe organics and community businesses are worth supporting.
What is a Co-op?

A co-op (co-operative) is an organisation that takes the idea of a community working together and puts it into a business structure. The co-op is owned and controlled by the people who use it - its members. It is operated primarily for the benefit of its members, to meet their mutual needs - and aims to be a responsible to the wider community.


What is the Nelson Organic Co-op?

In 2016, a community of organic enthusiasts formed the Nelson Organic Co-operative to purchase Nelson's original organics store - the Organic Green Grocer (est 1993) in The Wood. 


Starting with 50 passionate people, the co-operative community continues to grow and now includes over 140 households. 


In June 2017, in keeping with the vision of resilience and co-operation, the Co-op joined with the Nelson Environment Centre on Vanguard Street.  

The Co-op aims to be the organic hub for the community to buy affordable organics, provide an outlet for local producers, run workshops and community gatherings around our theme of resilient organics.  


What is our Vision?

Nelson Organic Co-op is a vibrant part of sustaining Nelson's organic future.  Our model of co-operative ownership will provide inspiration for others.  

The values we embrace:

  • Ecologically sound

  • Fair

  • Inclusive

  • Ethical

  • Be the change

Why Join?

The Co-op strives to put a flourishing environment and community first. We thrive when people from all walks of life join our journey to establish an interconnected, flourishing community - just like the "good ol' days" when people knew their neighbour and the local grocer. 


We place a lot of emphasis on the challenges facing us all with climate change, and the need to support local communities and create local resilience by caring for our land as well as our people.    

Joining the Co-op will help us achieve these goals, create a shared community, and for organic food and products to become more affordable as demand increases.


We strongly support local and national producers of organic goods to encourage greater production within Aotearoa/New Zealand.  


Gather, Share, Learn

The Nelson Organic Co-op at 31 Vanguard St, is a place that thrives on community activity; workshops, soup nights, local musicians playing and more.
Ultimately, the co-operative wants our joint venture with Nelson Environment Centre to be utilised effectively as part of this dynamic city. 
If you have any ideas, requests or comments in regard to events held at the Nelson Organic Co-op contact us; either by coming in store, contacting us online or by phone.
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